Great new accessories for 2022

We constantly try to improve MiniCat and our customer satisfaction, to bring you upgrades and new accessories. In 2022 we will be launching a few new items which will no doubt prove very popular and become great additions to our accessory list.


The existing gennaker and snuffer parts will still be available for the M420, but no longer available for the M460 this year.

Instead, there will be a rolling sail “Genna” which comes in two sizes for M460 and M420. This special sail comes equipped with furler, so it doesn’t need snuffer as it can be rolled back in similar style as the jib is.

The construction is based on the “Code Zero” type of sails. This sail does not have such a depth and balloon shape like the original Gennaker and is slightly smaller in size, but its usage is much better as it is possible to sail not only on the tailwind, but also on the crosswind and even slightly against the wind.

It will be possible to use this new sail Genna also with the older MiniCat models (420 and 460), condition is to have the thicker stronger mast.

The area of the Genna sails:
M420 …… 7.9 m2 (current gennaker 10 m2)
M460 …… 9.9 m2 (current gennaker 12 m2)

Available from: February 2022


The MiniCat hats were very popular, but our supplier sadly ceased trading, we now have a new supplier and new style hats, you’ll love them!

Available from: February 2022


Useful ladder will help you get easily on your boat from the water.

Available from: February 2022


Also, by popular demand we now include MiniCat branded Sailing Gloves, these are great quality and we’re sure they will be very popular with MiniCat sailors.

Available from: February 2022


Again, due to popular demand we now offer a ‘quick-assembly’ upgrade kit for the trampoline on 420 & 460. This uses elasticated rope meaning the rope remains in place and simply stretched over the clips when assembling avoiding the need to thread the rope on each assembly.

Available from: February 2022

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